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Mint Roadmap

0% — Welcome to Pitbullers

Congratulations, you have heard about “Pitbullers”. You still have the chance to get a whitelist spot. Better be early. Join the community on twitter (@PitbullersNFT) because WAGMI together.

25% — The Formation of the #PitArmy

After 2500 Pitbullers have been minted, we do the first giveaway. 5 wallets that have mined at least 2 Pitbullers will receive 0.3 ETH each.

50% — Strengthen the #PitArmy

Pitbullers holders will be rewarded for being a part of the community. After a total of 5000 NFTs have been minted, we will do another 0.3ETH giveaway. Any wallet with more than 2 Pitbullers will automatically join this giveaway

75% — Donation for our #Pitbullish Partner

Once 7500 NFTs have been minted, we will donate 3 ETH to Kennel2Couch.

100% — Pitbullers WAGMI Party

As always, stay #PITBULLISH”

NFT Roadmap

We will organize exclusive events in the Metaverse. You can participate with your Pitbullers.

NFT staking
In the future, we would like to give you the opportunity to stake your NFTs and thus earn a passive income. More details will be communicated at a later date

Helping Pitbulls in need
We will be donating a part of our earnings to Pitbulls in need. With our partners we try to provide for the well-being of these beautiful dogs.

Pitbullers growth
All holders who own Pitbullers at a certain date will receive 1 NFT of the second NFT collection for free. Details will be communicated at a later date.

Pitbullers merch
All Pitbullers holders get exclusive access to our merch collection.

Community artists support
We will promote talented artists from the community and also help them if they want to start their own collection.

Our Concept


NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which means that hidden in those quirky artworks, there’s a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger using blockchain technology to establish proof of ownership.

Whats the price?

Whitelist Mint is 0.033 ETH, public mint price is 0.055ETH

How ?

Every holder with more than $100 worth of Pit can submit his wallet via online form



How can mint?

We will share the official mint page when we start the whitelist mint.

How many NFTs?

You can mint so many NFTs you want. With every transaction you can mint max. 5 NFTs

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